Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hello my Lovelies, just a quick short post, I made a card for one of the Ladies at swimming for the gang to sign.

 I used a 12x12  beautiful paper, folded it in half and did some stamping..
 I stamped this cute mouse , colored it with distress inks and some Inca gold on the candle holders, some sentiments and some tiny flowers..
I put some white card stock for signing  and had to balance it with more pretty paper on the top..
I have been in a funk for a couple of weeks not crafting much or visiting like I should, please forgive for that ^-^...
Hope you all have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS)))..


Thursday, 11 September 2014


Hello my Lovelies, a quick little card I was asked to make.
My friend Mildred asked me to make her a card for a friend who was getting 2 new Siamese kittens,  I said of course I would, yikes what was I going to make, I had no idea.
This is what I came up with...

  A  Z card, I used a brown envelope for the base so it would stand up nicely. I had some blue and white card stock, I covered the bottom with Tim's mowed lawn, to make it look like grass and the sky.

My friend Sheila photo copied some cartoon kittens, I fussy cut them out, punch out some butterflies and dragonflies, making it look like the kittens were chasing after them..

 I stamped the sentiment welcome to the family Nutmeg and Jessie Sept. 2014, the writing is a little wonky but it certainly looks home made :O), then stamped I wished for you and love a few times

                             I colored the kittens with Tim's inks

On the back I stamped the butterflies and dragonflies on the scene..

Thanks for stopping by my nest to see my Kitten card, it was actually fun to make and your wonderful comments make my day..
I wanted to remind you Miss Chris here is doing her blog hop tomorrow, please drop by and give her some love..
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, ((( BIG HUGS )))


Monday, 8 September 2014


Welcome everyone to my creative nest :O)..
After finishing this post I have to warn you it's verrrry long, just saying :O)...
The Lovely amazing designer Miss Julie Ann magpieheaven , has inspired me so much with her wonderful stories to go with every  amazing detail orientated creations. She has asked me to take part in this creative blog hop where we get to learn a wee bit more about our creating, I think its a great idea, who doesn't want to know what motivates others to create..
So a  little about me, she said trembling :)..
I'm single and have no children, so my work became a huge part of my life. I loved helping people always trying to bring a smile to someones face, I LOVE to laugh, always being the joker...
I was a cook for 30 year, working in the nonprofit community, I worked 10 years with The Good Shepherd, they run a food line for the homeless and have 24 residents. Then worked in a Woman's shelter for 10 years, then in a Nursing home for the Elderly.
I loved my work so when I had to stop for health reasons, I didn't know what I would do with myself.
My youngest sister Sandy who lives in England and  is a textile artist,  got me into a creative journey I never would have imagined. She introduced me to an Art group on line called Like Minded Threads, there was over 200 members all different kind of artist, wonderful caring women and a few gentlemen,  sharing there creations and supporting each other in everything, what a wonderful caring bunch of artist.  After a year, well with me always nattering away with all the lovely Ladies, the owner of the group had to retire the group for health reasons and asked me if I could run the group. Luckily this changed my whole life, I ran it for 4 years till I became too ill to do it anymore.
Sorry I do tend to natter, as we Magpie do :)
Now I go swimming in the morning and listen to music creating at my desk the rest of the day ...

What am I working on now?

I have kept a bunch of used teabags, emptied the tea out ( put it in a jar, never know when I can use it) and then stamped them with some wee stamps.. I always use any ink left on my stamps and off stamp it on book pages..

                      I want to make a tiny book with them.

Why do I create what I do..

Well because I have to, it sooth my soul, makes my imagination soar, and makes me really happy. I don't have a lot of crafting products, but have 13 shelves full of all sorts of things I can alter.
I have a wonderful friend Tonniece who share so much with me.
I love to bring some new life to things, change them in different ways.
                         Make a brown envelope into a tri-card.

I love to make miniatures and little dresses..

I use coaster to alter and make some of my dresses..

I love to take coasters and alter them into ATBs.

Alter them into triptych...

I love to make my own Christmas gifts cards, never need to go near those crazy busy stores..

You see I just HAVE to create, and it also keeps me out of trouble...

How does my creative process work?

I'm usually making gifts, cards, I love to make my own product, gesso, spray inks, gelli plate and I always try to do the challenge with the Dragons Dream, I take whatever theme I'm working on. Go through my shelves and papers, gather things I think will flow together. I love to make my own background papers, for this I was inspired by the uber talented Miss Julie Ann,  then just go with the flow till I'm finished. I'm best at working on one thing at a time....

How do I stay focused and motivated?

That's easy I don't have cable so don't watch TV, I do watch a few shows on line, Coronation Street. My front room is all my craft room, nothing to distract me. I spend a lot of time visiting all my Lovely followers and find an abundance of inspiration, they make my creativity soar, I have to thank them for that or I wouldn't be able to make what I create with out them....

I'm suppose to pass this on so I am honored to nominate  Chris at pear shape crafting, were mates in being pear shape, her blog is
here  she is a wonderful creative, artist and she also take you on some lovely arm chair travels in her beautiful country and we always dream with the Dragons. She will do her creative blog post on Sept. 15th, keep a look out for it, it's gonna be great to learn more about her...
 Under my tree  what a wonderful blog tittle here Miss Iris who has the most beautiful french blog from France, gorgeous photo, she shares her garden and wonderful poetry and makes beautiful creations..
Thanks so much if your still here and stuck with me, hope you all have a wonderful week.. ((( BIG HUGS)))...


Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello my Lovelies, back with another tag to enter the challenge with the Dragons here, this was a stumper for me,  the letter Y and transport.... I had NO stamp or anything to do with transport,
"Tonniece" to the rescue, she stamped a few things and some lovely die cuts, I didn't use them all :). The dragon team have made some amazing tags...

I started with a black and white vintage design  card stock, applied watered gesso over it, dripped and splashed some ecoline ink, sepia and burnt sienna  all over, made some circles through some sequin waste, with brown corduroy, stamped some script. Roughed up all the edges and curled the corners, I tore out a backing of the corrugate, went over it lightly with rusty hinge paint, added inca gold all around the edges, on the car, bike and pumpkin coach.

I used some old letters from a game for my word, inked them with rusty hinge, I added a thick layer of clear nail polish, wasn't thick enough so I used some crackle accents around the letters, then some poge with clear rock candy, edged them with my inca gold.

                           I Yearn for the time we all believed
                           in magic and fairy tales, when one
                           would look at the bottom of the gardens
                                             for the fairies...
( the coach is my stamp, I didn't think I could create a tag with only this stamp)

I Yearn for the days when riding a dangerous vehicle was a penny farthing and a Sunday drive in a model T Ford, driving slow enough to see and drink in the country side.
The penny farthing is a die cut and I fussy cut the car, used foam tape to add the dimension, colored them with copics.

For the topping I punched 2 holes with my cropadile, added some curly yarns, that was from a purse handle, I made a bow with some string from a burlap bag I just took apart, I painted a tiny wooden oval with rusty hinge, stamped a Y, edged it with inca gold. I tried making the bow like our Lovely Miss Tracy Evan, as she does,
 she makes the most gorgeous bows...
I have been dealing with my interest provider, after many, many conversations, they were NO help so now I had to re sign up with all you Lovelies with my new address, put my new email address on top of my blog, it will be wonderful to get some mail in I have been in withdrawals. They wanted me to get my mail on the web, NOT, I like my outlook program, anywho, things should be better, they better be I 'm doing a creative blog hop on Sept 8th, see you then.
Thanks so much for visiting my nest , you make my day, ((( BIG HUGS )))

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hello my Lovelies, I just wanted to share my DS Shirley's BD gift.
I created the ATB to look just like her Humming Bird cottage..
I wanted to take the photos outside her cottage but the lovely rain prevented that.
I must have caught a bug when I was up there and have been sick for 3 days in bed, better now, thank goodness, :), which is why I haven't posted this or visited anyone..
 I used some lovely old coasters from the Queens Jubilee in 1977..
I made it like I usually do but then had to create a roof, I used 2 for the roof and 1 cut in half to create the angle on it. I made some paper for the wood siding and the roof tiles. I had to make a deck, so I glued some Popsicle sticks on an old wood trivet I had, in my stash..
 I used a envelope that had a mesh pattern on it for all the windows, then cut thin strips from old book pages to use for framing them, love how they turned out.

 I stamped 2 humming birds on acetate, coloring them with blue and green pebeo paint, cut them out to put under the eaves , I made some hummingbird feeders from red beads and sequins, I only made 5, she has 14 of them all around and lots of chimes, no time to make them.
 She has one large glass window with no screen in the front, I used a piece of paper looking like clouds and cut a piece of acetate to make it look like the sky reflecting in it..
Oh my goodness I have my Mothers hands, spooky :O)..
 I put the rest of the coasters inside. I didn't cover the inside, I thought she would like that concept, it matches the coasters inside.
I made the hinge stronger by adding some book binding tape behind the paper..

Made the snow shoes out of the same mesh envelope, just turning the paper to change the angles of the lines, I made the table and chairs from tiny spools and round  wooden circles for the tops, glued a piece of acetate on the table, hers has glass on it, inked them all with broken china. I found a scrap of paper that matched her cushions, a half of a circle for the backs. the white light I used a bead cap a bead and a piece of toothpick, gessoed it , I had a fish charm,  hung it with a twisted wire, I poked a hole in the coaster into hang it and all the feeders. She has a huge creepy iron spider, I get chills just thinking about it, I had a tiny stamp of a spider,image that, my friend just lent me in a bunch of tiny stamps, I'll be using them on some stained tea bags..
Ghees  another long post, thanks for stopping by my nest and letting me share this, I had so much fun making it, I love to make miniatures. I have so many wonderful memories of  my many times there it was a pure labor of love.

                             HUMMINGBIRD COTTAGE...
 Looking up from the French River.. You can see all the feeders which by the way you need to use a ladder, to get at, twice a day, she is the Queen of all those hummers...

          I adore the water lilies that thrive on her waterfront ..

 She also feeds a few families of ducks, the babies scurry around eating all the cracked corn or torn bread we throw out....

      I always pick her a huge bouquet of flowers and greenery...

Some pics of the hummers..

 There is always  a female on the cloth line guarding  the feeder, while the males fly around and fight, always buzzing our heads..

I made a book years ago, for all her guests (and she many) to sign and write a tidbit of their holiday at the cottage.
I had pick some wildflowers there one year and pressed them, so thought it was appropriate  to add them to this  book full of  stories...
Okay I'm really ending this post now really, thanks so much for spending some time, letting me share my memories, it's been a PLEASURE   I'll be around to visit can't wait to see what I missed...
                                   ((( BIG HUGS )))


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hello my Lovelies sorry I've been posting lots, this is my last post till I get back, I promise..
Well I had so much joy creating my tag, my wonderful Cuz Miss Julie Ann picked this weeks challenge, RUST and the letter O..
I'm entering this into the challenge here, have a look and see the wonderful  work created by the design team..
SQUAWK I'm crazy about rust, so I looked in my trusty tiny dictionary, when I read Ocher I knew this would be my word, love that color..
I googled images of it and was so surprised to see all the different things that had ocher in their tittle, so there started my dreaming..
Sorry for the lighting it was a wonderful dark rainy  day, it makes me very happy, I know everyone tells me I'm crazy, I like to think I enjoy the simple things....

 I started with a piece of my rusted cotton,frayed all the edges, found all the stamps I had to use and stamped them in gathered twigs, I did a bit of coloring with my copics..

You can see some of the rusty chicken wire with curly cues,, I used to hang it and added some strips of ribbon I tore up to dangle..

For my letter I colored a small wooden block with rusty hinge, then dripped some rust crayon and stamped my wax stamp which just happens to be an O added some Inca gold over the letter.
There is a bird called Ocher which is two tones of brown and yellow around his eyes..
The Ocher butterfly is spotted blue,brown and white

There is a Tribe in Africa that paint themselves in ocher clay around where they live, I just happened to find this stamp ( Tonniece gave me 3 black ladies, NBUS ) which look exactly like this tribe, amazing.
I love it when a plan comes together, :O)....

 I had to add a nest made from a tiny grapevine wreath filled with the threads I frayed and colored the eggs (beads) as I imagined they would look..

 There is also an ocher mushroom and a beautiful ocher starfish which I had to make, I cut it out inked it with rusty hinge, added some white dots with my sharpie and added gold stickles it were still wet when I took the pics..

I put it on an old piece of cardboard picture backing, added some glue and poured some rust powder I got from the rusted chicken wire and some rusted clay from Little Rock Arkansas all around the frame...
Okay I'm off to bed, were off early for our trip, I'll be taking pics of the ATB cottage on the deck up there...
Thanks so much for stopping by my nest, your visits mean the world to me. See you all when I get back  ((( BIG HUGS ))).

                                   Wings together head bowed,

Monday, 18 August 2014


Hello all you wonderful creative visitors, I want to tell you how much you all inspire me, I was thinking that while I was creating my Cottage ATB, my heart has been singing out loud by all the creations I have been absorbing, I could not do what I do without you my Lovelies, THANK YOU...

I'm trying to play catch up before I leave, sharing what I have already made, this dress has been on the back burner for a while now. My DS Sandy has been telling me to use my paper towels I keep from when I'm pouring my inks. There was lots of white still there so I made some sprays and colored them all up, then they sat in a folder for a while.
I'm really glad I created it, I had a ball for 2 days making this, my hands suffered but it was sure worth it....
I used my dress templates I made, cover it with the paper towels, then folded 2 layers added light pink netting in between, the top layer I stamped it with swirls, and gathered it together to give it softer folds. I used 2 pieces of lace for the waist piece, I folded a paper towel to form the bodice. Added a piece of step ladder yarn to be able to hang it..

                               You can see the layers here..

The jewel on her bodice is a piece of necklace. Glued on some foam butterfly's to hide the wires, used stardust stickles on top.

                 The danglys  are from a earring I took apart...

Another close up....

Thanks Sandy for making me make it, I adore my dress of many colors. She is hanging in the bird cage...
After swimming I had company till 4ish today, then have been madly working on the ATB, hopefully I can get it finished.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, :O)......
I have my Dragons tag to post before Wed evening...
Thanks for visiting my crazy, busy, messy nest
((( BIG HUGS )))

 Head bowed,  wings together..